check those out

 check those out


  1. danielle Said,

    October 20, 2005 @ 10:59 am

    only in america can boobies bring a smile to a child that dont even know how to spell hormones . god bless america .

  2. Ben Said,

    November 14, 2005 @ 1:42 pm

    Those are some nice balloons.

  3. Trevor Said,

    January 28, 2006 @ 2:02 am

    Nice one Danielle. Ben do you mean the one on the girl or the ones behind the kid? *Sarcasm*

  4. Ley Said,

    January 31, 2006 @ 8:17 pm

    Just wondering…who in their right mind takes a child to a Hooters bar?? I mean…COME ON!! This must be American stupidity at its best!!

  5. Andrew Said,

    February 13, 2006 @ 11:09 pm

    Whats the problem with that? I have been going to Hooters since Hooters has existed.

  6. Andrew Said,

    February 13, 2006 @ 11:11 pm

    oops BTW I am 26 and Hooters is 23 this year.

  7. Qrystal Said,

    February 20, 2006 @ 10:44 am

    What parent lets their 12 YEAR OLD CHILD HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY AT HOOTERS?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

  8. B.P. Said,

    February 25, 2006 @ 7:08 pm

    Hey qrystal aperintly the parent of Billybob take him to hooters. Duh.

  9. Abby .P. Said,

    March 25, 2006 @ 6:39 pm

    It is called Hooters.

  10. Gabrielle Said,

    May 7, 2006 @ 6:52 pm

    *slaps parents*

  11. toni Said,

    July 2, 2006 @ 10:24 pm

    just for all of yalls coments im gonna take my little brother to hooters(hes 2)

  12. AJ Said,

    August 27, 2006 @ 1:31 am

    I dont see anything wrong with a ten-year-old going to Hooters. It’s not a strip-club or anything, its just a restaurant where all the waitresses have huge knockers. They don’t dance around or get naked or anything like that!

  13. Erik Said,

    October 24, 2007 @ 12:49 am

    To all of those who are writing comments bashing Hooters, I would like to ask how many of you all have actually been there? It is a family resturant, just the waitresses have a little more revealing of a uniform. They all are very respectful if you are there with a child or even a spouse they respect that and treat you like humans. Try something before you down it.

  14. That freak Said,

    February 24, 2008 @ 10:07 pm

    ok……id want to know what this picture is about and some comments on here get a life…..just go out and find something better to do the n look at girls in bad ways! jueezzeee

  15. Thats what she Said,

    January 31, 2009 @ 4:27 pm

    Shut up erik! u probably work there or something!!! its not a good place for a birthday party!!!

  16. Dick Said,

    April 10, 2009 @ 3:31 am

    First Ben I agree lol!
    Ley, Hooters is and always will be considered a Family Restaurant. Last i checked a kid is part of a family!
    Qrystal, your just ignorant!
    Thats what she said, many of my friends have had parties there. Just because you arent man enough to go into one, dont make fun of people that do!
    I go to one all the time by me!
    They have the best hot wings!

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